So you want to be rich?

It seems everyone’s dream is to someday be “rich.”  But what most people don’t know, is how to get there.

Now, whether or not having a million bucks in the bank is “rich” or not is debatable as inflation has eroded the value of the dollar.  I was recently forwarded an article that says that the “new rich” is $3.8 million.  Well, I can say this.  Once you have a million bucks, it is a lot easier to get your second million.

Why is that?  Accumulating wealth is difficult.  But once you have wealth, if invested well and “left alone,” wealth will grow.  Eventually, the money that your savings earns is more than your job pays.  If you are frugal and wise, getting “rich” in your lifetime is not beyond reason.

Over the next weeks and months I plan to share my story of how I accumulated a million dollars and offer advice on how you can too.  I also plan to offer advice on investing, getting out of debt, on saving money and on changing your mindset.

Welcome to this site – I hope it is of some use to you.

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