5 April 2013Don’t Buy Junk
…Don’t buy junk.  This sounds obvious, but the vast majority of stock investors own “junk” investments…  click here to read more

14 January 20137 Percent
…here are a few places where I’ve invested in the last year and the interest rates that I have experienced…  click here to read more

22 December 2012 - Compound Interest
Now study the incredible results. B, who made his contributions earlier and who made only seven contributions, ends up with MORE money than A, who made 40 contributions but at a LATER TIME…  click here to read more

02 December 2012 - Lending Club
…And here is the brilliance of the Lending Club.  You don’t have to buy the whole $20,000 loan, you can buy a fractional share!…  click here to read more

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