Getting there

08 January 2013Debt
…If you are in debt, you will never get rich.  click here to read more

29 November 2012 - Think Outside the Box
Edison wrote, “Luck is when preparation meets with opportunity.” I prepared and eventually when opportunity came, I was ready.  click here to read more

19 November 2012Make a Goal
…80% of the people who wrote their goals were successful in attaining them whereas only 20% of those who did not write their goals were successful in attaining them …  click here to read more

07 October 2012 - Charity
…If you do not have a savings account of at least 3 years net wages AND a fully funded 401(k) and/or IRA plan, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS DONATING TO CHARITY! …  click here to read more

23 September 2012On being frugal
…I get grief from my friends all the time about being a “tightwad,” being “cheap,” and they even nicknamed me “Jew.”  Now before I get a rash of hate-mail for being anti-semetic, let me just say that I take the Jew nickname as a compliment  click here to read more

17 September 2012Think and Grow Rich
… probably the most profound “self-help” book ever written.  I first read this book nearly two decades ago and it finally paid off…  click here to read more

11 September 2012 - So You Want to be Rich?
…It seems everyone’s dream is to someday be “rich.”  But what most people don’t know, is how to get there…  click here to read more

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