I’m back!


I see that I haven’t updated this website for close to two years. It is a project that I’ve often wanted to continue but haven’t had time. My Wife and I had a baby a year ago and we’ve moved (see photo above). Needless to say, we’ve been busy.

I have begun a few drafts and it is my intention to continue with this website and share what I’ve learned along the way.  I hope you will drop in again.

In case you start to get discouraged on your way to your first million, have a look at the photo above. It is a shot from my living room balcony. Actually, the photo doesn’t do the view justice as it isn’t wide enough. The view stretches from left to right, 165 degrees wide of ocean view. We’ve started a new business and we’re doing well living by the beach.

Stay determined and keep your goal to the front of your mind.

You can make it!