Every morning my best friend John would pick me up for school in his blue pickup truck.  It was an old Datsun or Nissan truck with a shell on the back. It was old and used but I loved it because it got me to school.  I really liked John, he was bright and funny – he had a very sarcastic wit.

Every morning, as we drove, he used to say, “Some day, I’m going to be rich.”  I would ask him, “how.”  He said that he didn’t know how but he would find a way.  Eleven or twelve years later, he and his partner sold their company for $45 million dollars.  At the ripe old age of 29, my best friend retired.  He bought a condo in Hawaii, a ski chalet in Colorado and a monstrous house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, CA.

He just knew that he would be rich someday.  And he found a way.

I took his example and began to search out how I would make my first million.  I studied, I read, in talked to successful and rich people and I learned.  I applied what I learned, I was disciplined and focused and after some time, I made my first million.  When I say “a million bucks,” I’m talking cash in the bank.  Not my business that I might be able to sell if I find the right buyer, not a bunch of houses that have equity – I’m talking a liquid million dollars.  If I include my work, my house equity, car & personal possessions, I’m worth substantially more than a million dollars.  But my goal was to have a million in the bank – a goal that I just reached about a month before this writing.

And I’m on my way to my second million.

I’ve learned a lot along the way.  I share it with some good friends and relatives.  It is amazing how many people don’t want to hear about my success.  I’m not sure if they are afraid of succeeding or if they are jealous. If you have decided that you want to be financially independent – that you want to be wealthy – I encourage you to drop by this site regularly.  I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned (and continue to learn) – it could be worth a million dollars to you!

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  1. Hi there! I recently read your positive review of Stansberry Research, and was wondering whether you have any guesstimate of what their annualized returns have been since they started? I realize they like to state their winning picks (like how they made xxx% in x months etc), but those do not tell me what is the actual return. Do you personally know what is the annual return for their strategies? Thanks lots for replying :)

    • Every year they give a score to each of their newsletters, A through F and then give the % return of their recommendations for the previous year.

      I will have to say, what I find most beneficial about their newsletter(s) is the overall sense of awareness that I get about the market & the world/national economy.

      The second biggest thing I get from them is a decent education: I’ve learned about options, stock trading strategies, contrarian investing, how to wisely value an asset, etc. The money I spent for my subscription has paid itself 100 times over.

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