You are what you eat

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat.” In many ways it is true; you need only look at the diet of an athlete and a couch potato to see that each looks much like what they eat. An athlete who eats chicken in rice is thin whereas a couch potato looks a bit like a soft & fatty cheeseburger.

Much in the same way, with finances you are what you eat. More exactly, you are what you think. This idea came to my mind as I was on break at work. I shuffled through some investments, made some options trades and netted about $250. As I sat back, happy with my financial gain, I looked around the room. Three of the other guys were playing fantasy football and comparing how many “points” they earned on Sunday’s games and one guy was gun shopping. Specifically, he was shopping for a Kalashnikov and he was calling out the prices that he found on each website. It seems that the going rate for an AK-47 is about $750 in America.

The next day, most of the guys were playing “fantasy football,” and my other colleague finally pulled the trigger on his AK purchase and gave his credit card number over to the tune of $750. I made another option trade, this time netting $500. He called over to me and told me that he bought the AK. I smiled and told him that I just made two options trades in the last two days for $750. In essence, he spent $750 and I made $750. The rest of the guys, they just spun their time along in football fantasy land.

As I talk to most of my colleagues, friends and relatives at parties and others that I meet here and there, I find that most people don’t focus or concentrate their efforts on finance. They are busy with fantasy football, golf, fixing up their pet car project or whatever else it is that people do when they aren’t working. I have my own hobbies: travel, writing, going to the movies, gym, etc. But, a good portion of my day (at least one hour) is spent studying finance. And it shows: I am financially successful. Now, if you don’t study finance, how can you expect to be financially successful? Just like the couch potato who eats and never exercises, as he is what he eats, your finances are what you think.

I might look at the markets for 6 or 7 days and never see a trade, but when one jumps out, I play it and make a few hundred bucks, its only because I’m studying the markets that I see the opportunities as they come up. My colleagues, well, they see good fantasy football and gun deals – but this won’t make them a million dollars.

If you want to grow your own million dollars, you need to be studying finance every day. You need to focus on it, think about it, you pretty much need to sleep with finance in your mind. If you invest in real estate, you should study real estate. If you are growing a car business, you should be thinking cars all day and night.

My point is, if you want to make a million dollars, you should be focusing on it every day, not on fantasy football or some other distraction. Remember, you are what you eat!

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